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Creating immersive museum experience

CMU Interaction Design Studio 2022

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Designing airport AI voice assistant

CMU Interaction Design Studio 2022


Cryptocurrency exchange service on mobile and desktop applications

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CMU Communication Design Studio 2022

Visualizing patterns in U.S health insurance rate

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Intuit product design Internship 2022

Adding new products to One Intuit Account

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I'm Youngryun, a product designer with experience in designing coherent experiences across mediums from various scales of 2D screens to 3D spaces.​

Background in visual design and illustration.

2 years of product design experience at fast-paced start-ups, including Sleek 

Recently product design intern at Intuit 

Currently MDes in Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon University 

What is IoT? (2021, CMU)

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Libraries need diverse books (2022, CCL)

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Uptodate (2021, side project)


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